The Regrainery is committed to client satisfaction—for life.

In addition to sustainable building practices and designs made to last, The Regrainery provides customer service for the long haul. Below are testimonials from some of our clients:

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Chevron Coffee Table — 2'6" x 3'6"

"I can't say enough good things. I commissioned a custom coffee table and The Regrainery did a great job of communicating design options, offering suggestions, and making sure I got just what I wanted. The table is beautiful, well-built, the perfect size for my space, and was delivered on schedule. I absolutely love it."

-Karen Green

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Trade Show Booth for Parabo Press, San Francisco — 2016

"Aaron specced out and built a trade show booth for our photo print company. He made our rough (super rough) sketches into real live plans and built exactly what we needed. [He] got the booth up with our timeline in consideration [and] stayed to make sure the finishing touches were put on. The reclaimed wood touches - floating shelves and an accent wall - gave our booth a really polished look."

-Laurel Sittig, Parabo Press

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Rocket Ship for Film "35 Years to the Moon"

"The process was so much fun from concept to completion. The ship was supposed to be a makeshift sort of design to fit the story and because of that Aaron was instrumental in finding refurbished wood and building a ship that had the essence of being thrown together, yet stable for production. Aaron's creativity really shined through when I saw the final product."

-Laki Karavias, Creative Direction & Production

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Keyboard Stand — 3'6" x 2'6"

"The Regrainery built us custom stands to raise our bed higher, and a keyboard stand. We were incredibly satisfied. Seems like a company I would want to work with a lot in the future. Kept us involved the whole way through the project. Our expectations were met and exceeded."

- Jason Proctor

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Floating Shelves for Becca Blevins Photography Studio

"I've loved everything Aaron has made for me. It's all been tailored to exactly what I want. Aaron is great at asking questions to find out what you're looking for but also jumps in with ideas, suggestions and practical knowledge to make the product better. Aaron is fun to work with because he's open to your ideas, gets excited about them, and adds his expertise and creativity."

-Rebecca Blevins

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Shelving & Collapsible Desk

"Aaron was friendly, clear, communicative, and up for a creative challenge throughout the process. He was willing to work with my budget too which was key. His eye for finding uniquely textured repurposed wood is sharp and he came and installed everything and it looks great. My expectations were exceeded!"

- Dara Hawkins Hodgson

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Reclaimed Fir Picture Frames — 24" x 11"

"The Regrainery made 3 custom sized picture frames for us. I had a great experience [...] Response time to our questions was quick and on point. We came in with a somewhat vague idea and when we opened the box from the postal service, we were thrilled with what we saw. It was exactly what we were looking for."

-Drew Slabaugh. Charlotte, VT

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Corner Shelf made from Reclaimed Fir Siding — 3'6" x 2'6" x 2'6"

"Excellent work.  The shelf is beautiful.  Aaron is wonderful and easy to work with.  He is a good communicator and worked diligently with me to create the shelf that I liked.  He is very honest, reliable and trustworthy.  We were impressed and thankful for his willingness to fix our old chair (a last-minute add-on task) even though it required a trip to the hardware store."

-Kimberly and Brandon Karlsgodt

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Reclaimed Bench w/ pullout drawer — 3' x 1'6"
(Collaboration with JBMandell Woodworking)

"I was so excited when I found out I won the reclaimed wood bench from The Regrainery and JBMandell Woodworking!  Their work individually has always been meticulous, and even more so with this collaboration.  The bench keeps the integrity of the design and the natural beauty of the wood- which makes their work functional and beautiful.  I especially like how they use what some might see as a flaw in the wood as a design element-it truly is beautiful work.  This piece is built to last and I am so excited to be able to take it with me wherever I go.  Thanks guys, as always great work!"

- Suzy Switz

"I'd seen versions of and had visions of my own ladder shelf, a little abstractly, [and] The Regrainery listened, looked at my pictures...and made it! I was really impressed by their ability to match my vision - even with what seemed unspoken.


The Regrainery has a gift in listening and making something that fits your personality. It was also made and delivered very expediently. They got to work right away and it was evident that there was detail and innovation brought into it. I was also provided some of the history of where the wood came from bringing more life to the product, and with information in how to treat it, what to expect: how much weight it can hold, etc. which has been very helpful."

-Kathryn  Fanchi

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Custom Oak Frame for a Large Mirror (72"x36")

"Easy to work with, personal service, and I got the impression that Aaron cared about his work."

-Avi Tevet 

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Ladder Shelf -16" W x 36" H

reclaimed woodworking and furniture company

Chevron Wall Art - 3'6" W x 2' H

"Aaron was caring, hardworking and helpful every step of the way. He really understood our vision for the piece, and the finished product was even greater than what we had imagined!

The Regrainery combines their woodworking skills with kind, professional customer service and delivered an experience that went beyond our expectations."

-Sam and Christa Fowles

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Chevron Wall Art

Custom Chevron Wall Art made with assorted Douglas Fir and Redwood. 3 feet long by 2'6" tall

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