The Regrainery: Making Old Things New

The Regrainery, a reclaimed woodworking and furniture company, came out of the idea that making old things new is a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor. The wood, the tools, and the garage that our furniture is made in is simply a practical manifestation of this idea. One day we hope to see it stand for more.


We got our start when, in 2015, my soon-to-be wife and I wanted a backdrop to stand in front of at our wedding. We wanted something compelling, but natural and cost-effective. After a couple hours of image searching and doodling out ideas on a piece of paper it hit me: I could make it myself. I hopped onto Craigslist and found a cheap saw, and the next day I ran over to a local salvage store and found a beautifully filthy bundle of 1x6’s. I got to work.


As I measured, sawed, and nailed, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my wife and I, forming something new together, would be standing in front of a backdrop made entirely from old material, and yet, a backdrop that would result in something refreshed and novel.


After our wedding I installed the backdrop in our apartment in Portland, and each morning, as we’d wake and emerge from our bedroom to start the day, there it was: a constant reminder. 

I began making more trips to the salvage store. I thought it would be fun to build my own furniture for our new home—or at least to try. As I’d finish a piece, I’d show it to friends and explain what I thought the wood was once used for: flooring from a torn down house, siding from an old barn, rafter beams from the early 1900’s, etc. Before long some of those friends encouraged me to show my furniture around town at street festivals and trade shows. Many even began commissioning me to make them furniture for their homes. And so with much thought and deliberation over leaving my current work, I decided to allow the business to be born.


Today, we’re still practicing making old things new by building furniture with intention and purpose and with a commitment to using reclaimed materials in everything we create. If you have a question about our story, the business, or anything else, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.


-Aaron Green, Woodworker

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