The Regrainery: Making Old Things New

The Regrainery, a heritage furniture & custom woodworking company, came out of the idea that making old things new is a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor. The wood, the tools, and the garage that our furniture is built in is a practical manifestation of this idea.


We got our start in 2015 when my soon-to-be wife and I wanted a backdrop to stand in front of at our wedding. We wanted something compelling, but natural, and of course, cost-effective. After a couple hours of image searching and doodling out ideas it hit me: I could make it myself. I hopped onto Craigslist and found a cheap saw, and the next day I ran over to a local salvage store and found a beautifully filthy bundle of 1x6’s. I got to work.


As I measured, sawed, glued and assembled, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my new wife and I, forming our new union together, would be standing in front of something made from old materials, but that would stand for something new too. 


After the wedding I installed the backdrop in our apartment in Portland as a permanent piece of furnishing.

Today, The Regrainery has evolved into a furniture company that attempts to utilize old, salvaged, or discarded lumber when possible. We understand that some wood rots and dies and is too far gone to utilize. And that happens. But giving what we can a second, third, or even a fourth chance is what we're all about. Plus, milling away a rough exterior to find a beautifully preserved interior is a treat and a lesson in and of itself!

-Aaron Green

Designer & Woodworker

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Chevron Wall Art

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